LULSTB | Board Meeting 6/07/2018

JUNE 7, 2018 4:30 PM




1. Roll Call

2. Approve minutes of May 17, 2018 Regular Meeting

3. Executive Director’s Report
• MERS Enrollment (see also Adoption of Ordinance)
• Office space search
• Staffing – Research Analyst Contract
• Special Session

4. Resolution to grant Executive Director authority to negotiate, execute, implement, renew, maintain and /or terminate contracts or other agreements with third parties on behalf of the Board

5. Authorize Executive Director to amend 2017-2018 Budget to more closely reflect actual expenditures

6. Approval of Amendments to 2017-18 Budget

7. Adoption of Resolution –MERS Enrollment

6. Other Business


June 7, 2018
Special Meeting

The Louisiana Uniform Local Sales Tax Board held a special meeting at on Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 4:30 pm in the Cypress Room at 777 Ave L’Auberge, Lake Charles, LA 70601. The following board members were in attendance: Donna Andries, Tiffani Delapasse, Amber Hymel, Greg Ruppert, Amanda Granier (Proxy for Scott Richard), and Mark West (Proxy for Roland Dartez). Absent: John Gallagher and Mike Razanata.


• Motion by Tiffani Dellapasse, seconded by Greg Ruppert to approve the board minutes of the regular meeting on May 17, 2018 and unanimously passed.


• Mr. Bergeron submitted the documents to the MERS Administrators on May 21, 2018. The enrollment will become effective on July 1, 2018 and retroactive to May 14, 2018.
• Mr. Bergeron has also continued the search for sufficient office space to house the Board.
o Chase Bank Tower was thought to have openings, however they do not and if any were to open the bank will take it going forward.
o LACAP Credit Union has a new building with vacancies however an entire floor must be leased at a time.
o Randy Janies is a broker that has provided a list of other brokers and options for office space. He also provided a standard lease agreement used by the state so the Board can have a template for negotiations.
o Another viable option is the East Baton Rouge Parish Retirement Building on the 2nd floor, which will be researched further in the near future. It isn’t handicap accessible, but an inquiry will be made if the Board is required to be and if the building owner will make modifications for compliance.
o It was also determined that lease language gives an out for agencies that have funding that is interrupted or discontinued, so the Board will be covered if the outcome of current litigation is not favorable to the Board.
• Mr. Bergeron has reached out to JA Cline to negotiate of for a position on a consulting/contract basis as a Research Analyst. The contract encompasses policy development and rule promulgation for one month with an option to renew. Mr. Cline is interested and comfortable with the contract if the Board so wishes to authorize Mr. Bergeron to move forward.
• Mr. Bergeron was monitoring the Legislative Special Session prior to the meeting and the following items are of interest.
o HB 12, HB17 and SB 8 were presented in order to redefine a dealer in terms of taxability. The purpose was to align with the South Dakota v. Wayfair definitions. Secretary of Revenue did state the Remote Seller Commission will meet this month at a date to be determined in anticipation of overturning Quill
o Special Thanks extended to Bud Korsen for notifying the Executive Director when a change in language/definition was added to a bill in the final hour. The ED was able to speak with the representative proposing the changes and get them to change the addition.

• Motion by Amanda Granier and seconded by Tiffani Delapasse to approve a Resolution to grant the Executive Director authority to negotiate, execute, implement, renew, maintain and/or terminate contracts or other agreements with third parties on behalf of the Board. The item was unanimously passed.
• Motion made by Greg Ruppert, seconded by Amanda Granier and unanimously passed to authorize the Executive Director to make recommendations to the Board to amend the Board Budgets in the future and also amend the 2017-2018 Budget to more closely reflect actual expenditures.
o Changes made to the current fiscal budget were to add $4528, the cost for the Administrator’s Seminar held in April 2018 as part of required provided training from the Board. This addition would be to Other Professional Services, bringing the line item total to $9492.00. Other changes will affect the Retirement Program Charges and Travel Expenses.
• Amanda Grainer made a motion to Adopt the Resolution of MERS Enrollment, which was seconded by Amber Hymel and unanimously passed by the Board.


Motion to Adjourn by Amanda Granier and seconded by Tiffani Delapasse was unanimously passed by board. The meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.

/s/ Donna Andries, Chairperson

/s/ Greg Ruppert, Vice Chairperson