LULSTB | Board Meeting 8/8/2019


Regular Meeting

LMA Building, Room 3, 700 N. 10th St, Baton Rouge, LA

 August 8, 2019 – 1:30 PM



  1. Roll Call
  2. Adoption of the Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes 7/25/19
  4. Board member requests:
  • None
  1. Update on RFP- Return & Remittance System (Chairman     Ruppert)
  2. Discuss Look-Up Systems project (A. Kolb)
  3. Executive Director’s Report
  • Revised PPM 20.2  Travel Reimbursements
  • Strategic Plan Review FY 2018-19
  1. Financial Reports
  • Statements as of 7/31/19
  • Bills Paid
  • Manual Checks Issued




August 8, 2019

Regular Meeting

The Louisiana Uniform Local Sales Tax Board held its regular meeting at the LMA Building, 700 N 10th Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802, on August 8, 2019 at 1:00 pm.

Roll Call

Chairperson Ruppert called the meeting to order at 1:03 pm. Mr. Ruppert then requested roll call from Secretary Krennerich. The following board members were in attendance:  Chairperson, Gregory Ruppert (proxy for Michael Ranatza), Jeanine Theriot, Karen White (proxy for John Gallagher), and Mark West (proxy for Guy Cormier), Amber Hymel, Jeff LaGrange and Kressynda Krennerich. Also present were Executive Director Roger Bergeron and Andrew Kolb, counsel for the Board.

 Adoption of Agenda

A motion was made by Ms. White, seconded by Mr. LaGrange and carried to adopt the agenda as posted for the August 8, 2019 meeting.

Minutes Approval

Minutes for the July 15, 2019 were not available to review or approve.

Board Member Request – None

Discussion RFP (Ruppert)

Mr. Ruppert reported the request for proposal for a Sale Tax Return and Remittance System was issued on August 1, 2019. It was posted on the Board’s website and sent to known ecommerce software companies nationwide. It was also posted in the Board’s official journal, the Baton Rouge Advocate.  Bids are due and will be opened on September 3, 2019. Mr. Bergeron will forward the bids to Board members for review. Mr. Ruppert anticipates awarding the RFP at the next Board meeting on September 19, 2019.

Discussion Tax Watch Systems (Kolb)

Mr. Kolb gave an update on negotiating a contract with Tax Watch Systems for location software services needed for the “Look Up Tool” the Board wants to develop. The overage fee would be charged after a 3 month average of over one million transactions.  Mr. Kolb consulted with the Office of State Procurement and Office of Technology Services to obtain the OMV contract with Tax Watch Systems. The recommendation is to add a line item to the current contract for the Board services.  A memo of understanding or cooperative endeavor agreement with Tax Watch Systems, OMV and the Board may be executed. This update led to further discussion about the “Look Up Tool”. Ms. White asked how this project was related to the Remote Sellers Commission. Ms. Theriot explained that the Commission plans to issue a separate RFP for a system of record and distribution for the collections from remote sellers. The “Look Up Tool” would be on the Board’s website and used by anyone to determine tax rates and exemptions for specific transactions. Mr. West recommended a thorough review by the collectors before going live on the website. He also suggested a quarterly verification by collectors in order to keep the rate and exemption information current.

VDA Application (Mekdessie)

Testing resulted in a major rewrite of the VDA software. Testing of the revised software will begin shortly.

Executive Director’s Report

  • Bergeron presented the amended PPM 20.2 Travel Reimbursements. The amendment states the Board will follow the same travel policies as directed by the Department of Administration. A motion was made by Ms. Krennerich, seconded by Ms. Theriot and carried to adopt PPM 20.2 as amended.
  • Bergeron presented a memorandum status report on the Board’s strategic plan for FY18-19. Mr. LaGrange commented that the report was particularly helpful to him as a new Board member.

Budget/ Financial Reports

  • Bergeron provided current financial statements to the Board members for review.
  • Bergeron provided July 2019 paid bills to the Board members for review. A motion was made by Ms. White, seconded by Mr. LaGrange and carried to approve the July 2019 paid bills.

 Other Business

  • Ruppert provided the Board with a state contract proposal for computer equipment for the Board. He also informed the Board the search continues for office space.
  • White requested a standing line item on the Board’s agenda for updates from the Remote Sellers Commission. She voiced the eagerness of municipalities to begin receiving collections from the Commission. She also stressed concerns of legislative action from the appearance of lack of progress from the Commission. Ms. Theriot assured the Board that the Commission is working diligently to meet the deadline and is just as eager to begin collecting from Remote Sellers. Ms. Krennerich added that the Commission was charge with a monumental task without any funding. Mr. Mekdessie suggested possibly outsourcing the administrative function of the Commission.
  • Theriot suggested the administrator seminars be held in February before the legislative session. Possible locations including Baton Rouge and Ruston were suggested. Ms. Hymel will provide survey feedback from this year’s seminars at the next Board meeting.


A motion to adjourn at 3:40 pm was made by Mr. LaGrange, seconded by Ms. Theriot and unanimously passed by the Board.

______________________________________/s/    Greg Ruppert, Chairperson

______________________________________/s/   Amber Hymel, Vice Chairperson