Hurricane Ida – Contractor Requirements

Contractor Requirements

– As residents and businesses seek to repair and restore their homes and businesses damaged from Hurricane Ida, please select contractors that are properly licensed and insured in Louisiana.

The Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors, an agency of the State of Louisiana, was created for the purpose of protecting the general public from incompetent and fraudulent acts of contractors.   The Board recommends consumers:

  1. Verify the license or registration number with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors
  2. Get at least three bids for the project prior to selecting a contractor
  3. Require proof of general liability insurance and worker’s compensation
  4. Never pay a down payment that exceeds 10% of total cost
  5. Never pay for construction not yet complete
  6. Require a written contract signed by both parties (consumer and contractor) and agree upon:
  • the estimated dates of start and completion of the project;
  •  a description of the work to be performed; and
  •  the total dollar amount to be paid to the contractor upon completion of work

Contractor licenses issued by the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors can be verified at LA Contractor Search.  You may search by contractor name, license or registration number.  Additional information may be found at

Jefferson Parish Code of Ordinances requires contractors obtain an occupational license.  Occupational licenses issued by the JPSO may be verified by calling the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation at (504) 363-5633 during regular business hours.  Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement may be reached at (504) 736-6331.

Contractors performing work in Jefferson Parish must comply with the following primary requirements:

  1. Possess a current contractor license issued by the LA State Licensing Board for Contractors.
  2. Possess a current occupational license issued by a Louisiana parish or municipality.
  3. Possess a current certification with Jefferson Parish Inspection & Code Enforcement for projects located in unincorporated areas or from the municipal code enforcement office for projects located in a municipality.
  4. Maintain workers’ compensation coverage and general liability insurance.

These requirements apply to:

  1. Commercial contractors engaged in projects of $50,000 or more, hazardous materials projects of $1 or more, or projects in excess of $10,000 for plumbing, electrical, or mechanical services.
  2. Residential specialty contractors, including framing, electrical, plumbing, and masonry/stucco, engaged in projects of $7,500 or more.
  3. Home improvement contractors engaged in projects of between $7,500 and $75,000.
  4. Mold remediation contractors engaged in projects of $1 or more.

Contractor Requirements (PDF Version)